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Our Story

The first pro-life organization in Kelowna, The Voice of the Unborn, was founded in October of 1972 in response to Canada's 1969 legalization of abortion. This group became the Kelowna Right to Life Society in July of the following year, and in October of 1981, the Kelowna Right to Life Society was registered under the Societies Act and listed as a registered charity under the Income Tax Act.

About Us

who we are and what we do

For more than forty years, local people offended that unborn babies are being legally killed in Kelowna and all across Canada have come together under the banner of the Kelowna Right to Life Society to organize and speak out in defence of innocent human life. Many of the founding owners of the society stayed on the board of directors for decades, with the last original board member leaving in 2019 to live in Alberta.

Over the years, directors and volunteers have come and gone, but what remains consistent is the dedication and commitment to the Society's core mission: to create a culture of life in the Central Okanagan. We are so committed to opposing what we know is wrong, we are willing to stand in a culture that is hostile to our message.

We joyfully take the taunts, insults, vulgar language, verbal hostilities, and even threats because we know the cause we stand for is much greater than ourselves. We know justice may be slow in coming, but it is coming and when it arrives, it will be us standing on the right side of history. Today we are persecuted, tomorrow justice will prevail. 



Meet The Team

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