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Pro-Life Christmas cards are here!

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

The Kelowna Right to Life Society has completed their pro-life Christmas card contest for 2022. A limited number of 10-packs of these delightful Christmas designs created by local children - for unborn children - are now available for purchase!

Each box is $31.95, $11.95 of which (plus any extra donation you can make) is tax-deductible. Please order yours today as supplies are limited.

Below are the winning designs for 2022. Congratulations to all the winners and a special thank you to everyone who created and submitted their wonderful works of art. The entries received were all very beautiful and choosing five winners was no easy task. Thank you!

Claire, age 12:

Bella, age 10:

Lily, age 10:

Hannah, age 9:

Caelia, age 11:

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